The Benefits of Feeding Technology for Your Screening:

Higher reproducibility in screening

Adapting the preculture in fed-batch mode increases the reproducibility of the main culture.

Various substrates and release rates

Kuhner Feeding Technology allows the release of various nutrients at different release rates without using foreign enzymes or pumps.

High product yield

Continuous nutrient release to ensure optimal product formation.

Fast and easily integrated in the laboratory

Sterilely packaged and easily to handle, the technology is usable with standard laboratory equipment.

Selection of the best strain

Quick and reliable finding of the optimal production strain.

Avoidance of negative process influences

Lower risk of an oxygen limitation and reduction of undesired by-products.

Comparable conditions between production and screening

Comparable cell metabolism in screening and production.

Simple scale-up under process-related conditions

Time savings and cost reduction in bioprocess development through an easy transfer of results.

Reduction of costs

Low investment costs and avoidance of unforeseen development costs.

Better screening results